Our projects

ADN - Ministry of the Interior

The “Diffusion of N.A.D. – National Active Directory” project for the “Operational Rooms” of Police Headquarters within the framework of the “112 NUE System” was carried out as a subcontractor for Telecom Italia. It was implemented under the “Consip Framework Agreement-Lot 1” of the “SPC Cloud – Cloud Computing, Security, Portal Development, Online Services, and Application Cooperation for Public Administrations” tender.

The State Police initiated a process of centralization, rationalization, and innovation of IT resources through the design and implementation of a unified National Active Directory to be gradually extended nationwide, encompassing all users and workstations. The activities include configuring the domain nodes for the Florence and Milan offices and integrating the architecture of the National Electronic Center in Naples and the CUB Bari. Domain services are also provided for approximately 400 clients in certain locations falling under the jurisdiction of the Milan and Florence TLC Zone.

MIPGWeb (Judicial Police Investigation Template)

The system supports the information and investigative activities carried out by the State Police.

It facilitates the performance of institutional activities by both central and territorial operational offices, supports the main work processes of the Department of Public Security offices, and enables the acquisition, management, storage, retrieval, sharing, and analysis of information in compliance with the confidentiality policies established by the Administration.

The activities were subcontracted to Accenture.

SIDDA / SIDNA Ministry of Justice

This refers to the Information System of the Antimafia District Directorate / Information System of the National Antimafia Directorate.

SIDDA/SIDNA aims to develop an extensive and simultaneous counteraction against organized crime activities at the national level by analyzing investigative progressions obtained in individual criminal proceedings. It identifies possible connections between existing investigations and promotes the initiation of investigations into new and related criminal cells identified through analysis activities, while respecting coordination needs. Under the project, subcontracted to Telecom Italia, user support activities and the implementation of specific procedures are provided.

Technical System Activities and Hardware Assistance Ministry of Justice

We provide application technical assistance (operational and evolutionary) for the National Service Center in Naples and the District Service Center in Naples (districts of Naples and Salerno).

This activity, governed by the framework agreement that establishes the type of relationship between TIM and CMIT, “Provision of products and provision of system and application assistance services, software development, and Single Point of Contact (SPOC) service”, stems from the long-standing and ongoing technical and commercial collaboration between the two companies.

TIAP Project Ministry of Justice

Consultancy for Capgemini regarding “the entrustment of the development of the unitary telematic information system of the criminal process and for the maintenance and dissemination of the current systems of the criminal area of the Ministry of Justice and related services  -Digitization of criminal files – Document@ system”.


The “Energy Accounting and Diagnosis for Smart Buildings” project involves the development of a software platform for managing integrated systems for monitoring, analysis, diagnosis, and energy redevelopment of buildings. The project is based on the need for frequent and effective quantitative information on the energy consumption of energy-intensive users, regardless of the source (fossil or renewable) and energy vector used (electricity, heat, etc.). This allows users to have better and more informed energy resource management. The University of Cassino actively participates in the project.